From Shoot to Final Cut, we'll peice together top notch video and effects to show your product in the best light. Trailers, Event Coverage, Music Videos…we’ve got a team for you. And if it's anything drone you need, our private pilot is on staff for Music Videos, Real Estate and everything in between.

Drone footage of the West Coast from Malibu to Vancouver. If you haven't taken a drive up the 101, you should.


Flying a drone can be difficult at times. Limited battery life, strong winds, and occasionally hostile territory can all be factors in NOT getting the shot. In this video, all three combined to alter my shoot.

I was honored to edit this video. Habitat for Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita and Life without Limbs got together to shoot this video encouraging everyone to pitch in. Now over 2 million views!


Conejo Valley Days is always a big draw in Ventura County California. Thousand Oaks is a fantastic setting for a big party.

Blackfall, haven't heard of them? you will. Got to shoot drone footage for them used in their video 'This Hell'.




Chicago band Bull Run was kind enough to choose us to put together their video for "Out on the Bayou" from their album Waterville. Also, check out the app which includes the video and a slideshow of the lyrics.

We put this trailer together for the folks at Mass Media. Sony Playstation's Home was virtual playground. How do you say no to a virtual product like that?


Ryan Jezek is all about bikes. And, that passion has rubbed off quite a bit on his family. Ryan and his brother Todd started building their own bikes in the garage and are about to launch a new a bike brand. Tall Waiter Productions is looking for additional funding and distribution right now.

This commercial had a 2 month viewing in 'Home' on the Playstation 3. This poker game was a top seller for 14 months.




Beautiful lighthouse…in a beautiful part of Vancouver. The lighthouse at Atkinson Point in West Vancouver takes your breath away.

'Sneak Attack' was virtual item you place in your appartment in 'Home' on the Playstation 3. Warning: It makes naughty noises, realeased a green vapor and was a company favorite.




Couldn't resist getting close up to this bridge in Northern California. Nice contrast of nature's beauty and humanity's ingenuity.




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