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Paul Hoffmeier

Paul Hoffmeier, CEO/President of Tall Waiter Productions, is an 24 year veteran of the video gaming business.  His experience across those years exposed him to many disciplines within the industry. Paul knows his way around programming, writing, art, drones, video, and sound. He founded Tall Waiter Productions to pursue projects that he is passionate about.

  At Mass Media, Inc. he created games across all of the major platforms.  In the early years, on the Philips CD-I, his innovative company was the first to release games with video integrated into gameplay.

For a brief period following Mass Media, Paul worked for THQ emphasizing multiplayer experiences including a highly acclaimed multiplayer version of Tetris created in cooperation with The Tetris Company.

For the past 6 years, Paul has focused his efforts on drones, video, writing and mobile entertainment building on his broad knowledge base.  He’s always looking for challenging ways to use his talents and anxious to collaborate with previous coworkers and industry contacts.

Paul Hoffmeier was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and raised in Kahala, Hawaii. He attended Moorpark College in Moorpark, CA and Texas Christian in Fort Worth, TX. He currently resides in Thousand Oaks, CA with his wife and 3 kids.




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